The Person

Lee Shayler I realise in the grand scheme of things, there are worse predicaments to be in. Nevertheless, 2010 has not started well and life is changing fast for me and my family.

Twenty seven years ago, I had no idea that my inability to return Eddie's quick, cross court volleys in a squash game was likely due to the early stages of Retinitis Pigmentosa, rather than his supreme talent. The deterioration was gradual but was enough to make me give up football, basketball and motocross at competitive level. Driving ceased eighteen years ago and solo cycling followed years later. At the end of March my job was Resource Actioned (Corporate speak for laid off) after months of speculation.

Fortunately, I do have loving family and friends who continue to support me. In recent years I have become more aware of the blind community around me and often amazed at what other disabled people are achieving. Operating wood cutting saws, world travel, & climbing Mount Everest are just a few feats that come to mind. It is with this inspiration in mind that I am now taking up this challenge.